Clouds came by, covering the sun in the middle of the afternoon. Colonel Yanni Sholla, known as an Eastern War hero and as the "Fox Blood Alchemist", was staring up, watching little bits of sunshine break through the forboding darkness of the thunderstorm clouds. He walked out the door, and strolled down the hallway, as First Lieutenant Taylor stood at attention. "Good Afternoon, Colonel." she stated. Yanni chuckled, "No need for formalities, First Lieutenant, or rather just Taylor." Taylor broke her stance, smiling back. "Oh, before I forget, Furher King Ian has stated that the Rebels are breaking through the western areas controlled by our military. He wants to know what action you wish to take. Sir." she asked. Yanni tilted his head, "Tell him not to worry, Lt. Colonel Logan will be right on it." he chuckled, knowing that in his position, his orders were absolute.

The people of Ishval had clashed several times with the central government of greater Amestris in the past and had been annexed to a region in the southeast of the nation, near the Eastern Desert. Though religious and cultural tensions continued between Ishvalans and Amestrians, a relative peace had been achieved between the two until 1901, when an Amestrian soldier "accidentally" shot and killed an Ishvalan child. The area exploded in a storm of riots and protests until the situation had become an all out civil war, causing massive casualties on both sides. Though the Amestrian Military had the Ishvalans outnumbered by far, the people of Ishval were able to keep the conflict going due to a steady supply of munitions from the neighboring country of Aerugo, which pretended to sympathize with them as an excuse to weaken Amestris' southern border for their own gains. Once the State Alchemists entered battle, the war quickly turned into a massacure. No-one from the Ishbalians could stand up against the might of their superior Alchemy.

After ordering Lt. Colonel Logan on the case, Yanni withdrawed to his room, and looked out the window. "When will this war be over... when someone wins?" he thought. "You know better than to have your head in the clouds, Colonel." stated Sergeant Officer Tyler, otherwise known as the "Psychic Alchemist". Yanni sighed, "You know, reading minds isn't very nice." he muttered sarcastically. Tyler chuckled, "Well, who else but Taylor keeps you in check anyways?" he asked, taking a seat at the table. Yanni turned to him, "Did you want something?" he asked. Tyler then took a serious face, staring down. "Did you hear? Alchemists in Lior were killed; their skulls were actually blasted off." he told. Yanni stared down, "I see." "Oh, I'm not done. Apparently, Roele has also been the site of recent attacks. Both events are identical in terms of damage." Tyler finished with. Yanni chuckled, "Well, looks like things are finally getting interesting after all. Thank you, that will be all." he replied. Tyler came to attention, and took his leave. Yanni then stared back out the window, thinking over what to do.

With the War with the Ishbal Rebels, and recent news of Alchemist murders occuring in Amestris, how will Colonel Yanni act?