&nbsp Kamehada is the leader of alchemical group known as Sephiroth, which is famous for it's extensive use of obscure alchemical formulas. He's famous for his signiture Nuclear Alchemy, which allows him to tap into huge amounts of energy while nearly bypassing the law of equivalent exchange.


Kamehada has a comically large ego, which hilariously counteracts his short size in a stereotypical Napoleon complex. He tends to g

An example of Nuclear Alchemy

et very angry when commented on his height, and often starts becoming radioactive when anyone even jokes about it. Otherwise, he's a very rude, mean, evil person, who will ruthlessly destroy whole cities mercilessly for the crimes of few.


He closely resembles Father's third form (the third form shown in the picture on the right), but is three feet tall and glows slightly with radioactivity. Several people theorize that Kamehada is actually Father's son, making him half Homunculus, and thus more durable than the average human. Although this has not been proven, it seems like a valid theory, as the only known practicioner of Nuclear Alchemy was Father, and also the fact that most humans would have expired quickly had thye been exposed to the amount of radiation that hits Kamehada daily.


Kamehada can destroy cities with a nuclear blast, or simply cause a slow and painful death by shooting radiation from his finger tips. The drawback of this power is that he can accidentaly destroy his comrades with his power.